SamuelGreenberg16   It has been a long time since I posted a new blog.  I mentioned in my previous blog that I am currently occupied with writing a book.  I also mentioned that to write I am spending time in a wonderfully serene wilderness setting.  There is no television or Internet or even phone reception.  This is conducive not only to writing a book, but also to connecting with The Source of inspiration.  It is NOT, however, conducive to the ability to jump online and post blogs!  Today I took a quick trip into a Starbucks to do many things on the Internet.  I wasn’t sure if I would take the time to write another blog, but as I began to pack up the computer and leave, an inner nudge urged me to do so.

This inner nudge examples something occurring with greater regularity in the past 4 weeks since beginning my writing retreat.  I hear, sense or receive (whatever word best describes it)  direction not derived from my own mind alone.  I am certain this kind of direction is a constant no matter where we are, it is just that now living mostly in total silence renders me to more acute hearing of this direction.  I have set the intention (because I have received the direction to do so) to not question or ignore any of it.  I am now – without hesitation – simply saying, “Ok, if You say so!”  This has become a joyful way to live.  I never know what lies around the bend and I am learning to LOVE IT THAT WAY!  Life is more of an adventure – like opening gifts many times a day totally pleased and surprised by what is contained in the package.  No matter what the urge leads me to, the message of it is always essentially the same.  The Source of the message is from the Higher Power – Spirit/God.  The messenger changes, but the Source and the message is a constant.  The message from The Source is basically saying, “I am here.  I am leading you and all is well.

A few days ago, I was talking to someone about something that had happened.  Their response was to express that they saw it as a meaningful event.  What they actually said was, “It’s must be a sign!”  Immediately I heard/felt something within.  It felt as one would with a gentle little voice was whispering in your ear something sweet.  It said, “Everything is a sign!”   I did not share this with the person to whom I was talking.  They did ask me, however, what I was suddenly thinking.  “Nothing”, I said.  “I’m just listening.” They pointed out that a smile had just come to my face and I looked as if I had drifted somewhere else.

I began to look at everything as a sign.  I first saw 2 very little baby white tail bunnies peeking out from under some brush.  My attention then went to a bird that was continually flying into a bush with a mouthful of twigs and grass and then flying back out to retrieve more.  Obviously it was building a nest for the young that would soon arrive.  I noticed a single iris that had bloomed among trees and shrubbery.  “Every thing is a sign.”  I kept saying this as I pondered the things that I vividly but randomly noticed.  I was putting the key in my cottage door when it occurred to me I was willing to see every thing as a sign, but I did not know the intended meaning of them.  It then occurred to me.  Being that the signs were from Spirit/God,  the meaning of them must not come out of my imagination or mind.  It must be placed in my mind by The Source of the sign.  How many times do we feel like something that occurred was more meaningful than it appeared on the surface?  We experience the inner feeling that it is meant to tell us something and then we immediately go on to try to figure it out.

I now realized that I was actually only led to believe that everything is a sign from God.  I was only led to believe that God was at work through all things at all times.  I was not led to then interpret them in my own mind alone.  I knew in that moment that – not only is everything a sign – but I am to ask for it’s meaning. The meaning would also come from the same Source as the sign itself.  I also knew that what was more important than the immediate interpretation of the sign, was the joy of simply believing I was always being guided.  It was the joy of looking for the signs.  The interpretation would come at the right time and in the right way that I would understand.

I felt good about this revelation.  I put down my things and said “Thank you, God.  This is wonderful.  I feel like it’s a brand new life!”  And then………..it hit me.  I reflected in a flash on newly born little bunnies, a new blooming iris and nest preparation for birds soon to come to life. The gentle soft voice that whispered in my ear those words, “Every thing is a sign!”, returned.  And it said…….”You got it, dear!  New life.  I am always renewing life.”

And so it is.  Until my next visit to a coffee shop in civilization…….. may your awareness be fully receptive to “the signs”.

Peace To Everyone!




About Kathryn Bourquin

Life Coach specializing Meditation Practices and living from a place of Inner Peace. Speaker, Teacher and Writer. Specialties: Healing, Success, Breaking Old Habits, Realizing the Power You Possess, Letting Go of Long-held emotional pain. For an individual appointment in person or via phone or Skype: Go to kathrynbourquin@yahoo.com
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1 Response to “EVERY THING IS A SIGN”

  1. Holli Banks says:

    I too believe in signs and rest assured that life is full of signs and layers of awareness. Even as I sit on a beautiful patio listening to the water fall of a fountain it’s clear that awarness is so much easier when we’re in a calm setting as you are Kathy. I’m so happy you’re experiencing the joy of listening to the universe. It’s always speaking…even when we’re not listening.

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