The Valuable Pause

CIMpic3  We place a great deal of value in the amount of things we get done in a day.  We value how successful we are at getting all those items on our personal check list crossed off and completed.  Being productive is a very good thing.  Planning our day and those tasks which require completion in order to meet our deadlines or achieve a goal, is sensible.  There are days when  – no matter how busy – it seems as if we are on a roll and everything gets accomplished with relative ease.  There are other days and times when interruptions or glitches impede our progress.  And there are times when certain plans we have made for the day are met with obstacles at every turn.  We can be so focused on “having” to go the way of our well-thought out plan that glitches and obstacles cause us great discontent and  permeates our mood and outlook.  These emotions create stress in our bodies and block our mind’s ability to create solutions.

Because we so value the accomplishment of the tasks we’ve set for ourselves, we do not place a great deal of value on a quiet pause during our activities.  We think pausing would only put us farther behind.  Especially when we feel we are running behind or struggling to successfully achieve our task, our reticence to take a pause is very strong.  We fear falling short, messing things up and not reaching our goals.  Thus, pausing a moment – is unacceptable in our mind.  We fear failure if we do not keep our focus and our steady pace.  We fear the label of “lazy” and are terrified of viewing ourselves as at the end of the day as a failure.  I know one thing I can find myself doing when working on a particular project that seems like it is not flowing well.  I often feel I must walk away from it for a moment.  However, because there are always other things on my list to do, I do not really “pause”.  I tend to fill my break from the project currently underway by tackling another one.  This is NOT a true “pause”.

Taking a pause when one feels stress setting in or when it seems that things are not falling into place is priceless.  It is not being lazy.  It is being productive.  The “pause” that I speak of is one in which we walk away from our activity in order to be refilled and or be re-directed.  When we work only from our conscious mind we can lose sight of a better way or become blocked in moving forward peacefully because our mind’s voice is talking to us in a critical/fearful manner.  No one works well under pressure that frightens us.

The pause that benefits us is one where we cease all activity and become still.  It can be a pause of only 5 minutes.  When we give even just 5 minutes to the intention of seeing something differently or letting go of our tension, it is often truly amazing how everything flows easily with renewed inspiration or vitality when we return to it.  Taking a pause in the middle of our day’s activities to breathe and surrender to the inner peace which lives within is a very wise regular practice.  Instead of pushing forward when we are tiring or blocked or frustrated, we accomplish much more (with even better results) if we take a pause.  The pause is one where we still our mind.  We decide to not think for a few minutes about all there is to yet do.  We close our eyes, take a breath and surrender our stress and all our mind’s thoughts about everything.  We surrender all we think we know and all we think we do not know.  We simply let go and allow the mind and guidance of our wise Spirit – rather than our frantic mind to lead us forward.

During the pause we may not be aware of any particular message, but when we return to our work we will quite likely realize we do so from a new and more peaceful – even more intelligent – perspective.  We may suddenly see a new and better way of proceeding.  We may peacefully know that it’s best for us to wait until later to pursue our current project.  We may follow the same plan we originally set for ourselves, but now it flows because we are not constricted with anxiety or fatigue.

For me this pause is a prayer.  It is a moment spent saying to Spirit/God within me that I am aware I am tense, frustrated or blocked.  I ask for assistance in proceeding according to the plan that is Spirit/God’s way.  I ask for help in letting go of all the ideas I hold about it so I can be guided by my highest knowledge.  In short, when I realize that my own mind alone is become tryannical………..I stop and ask to be  saved from the tyranny. I surrender it all to Spirit/God.  Spirit does not hold any idea of varying level of importance for that which I ask assistance: my state of inner peace while cleaning a closet is as important as is my peace in writing the next chapter of my book.   The solution to my computer glitch is as important as is my solution to an urgent family issue presenting itself to me.  The importance of any circumstance or situation is that I learn to do so in peace.  And peace comes only from my remembering that I do nothing alone.  There is a power greater than my own mind that is waiting for my simple invitation.  Once the invitation is delivered, it rushes to my aid.  Love waits only for this invitation.  Once received it comes in and makes all things right.

The “pause” is the time taken to send the invitation.  Pause………………invite………….wait for the inevitable positive RSVP.  Pause is the invitation for peace to prevail – NOW – where peace was previously invisible.  In every day, in all your busy schedule, without fail………….remember to pause.  Something we can depend upon is always waiting for us to invite It to work alongside us.  Value the pause – before and during – the work that is yours to do.  If you are one that works off a “to do” list, add the word “pause” to it after every few items.  Nothing else on the list is more valuable.


About Kathryn Bourquin

Life Coach specializing Meditation Practices and living from a place of Inner Peace. Speaker, Teacher and Writer. Specialties: Healing, Success, Breaking Old Habits, Realizing the Power You Possess, Letting Go of Long-held emotional pain. For an individual appointment in person or via phone or Skype: Go to
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