Living Afloat

floatingfeatherpic  I am currently working on the writing of my first book.  To give it a real jump-start, I have gone to a remote wilderness retreat in the mountains.  I have a cottage poised on the side of a hill that overlooks valleys and views of mountains.  There is no Internet and no television.  There is not even cell phone reception unless I walk to an area where a signal can sometimes be received.  It’s beautiful.  It’s serene.  It is very quiet.

I choose this space, in part, to get away from distractions.  But it is less that I am running away from things than I am running TO myself and the voice of Spirit/God.  Already – only 6 days into a 6 week stay, the benefits of hearing that voice have been numerous.  My blogs are not usually of a personal nature, but I have decided this one will be.  The blogs will be less frequent for the next weeks for several reasons.  First:  I have to travel away from the retreat to a WiFi service in a coffee shop.  And secondly:  The writing of the book is a priority now.  But I came to write this blog today because I wanted to share something about miracles.  I will use a personal example of my main point on miracles which occurred just a couple of days ago.

I believe that miracles are natural events of life.  Sometimes we think of them as grand events – ones worthy of front page headline news.  although I think it would be wonderful if there was more attention given on our news broadcasts for the everyday miraculous, it is rare.  What good stories do get coverage are reserved for the events people will drop their jaws over.  The times that a single human lifts a car off someone injured beneath or a homeless person wins the lottery, etc.  Of course, I do not view any unexpected good event (miracle) as less or more jaw-dropping than another, but most watching the news do not feel awe as readily as me.

However, miracles are happening in everyone’s life ALL the time, ALL day long.  Some of them we notice.  Many we do not.  Some we notice, but take for granted.  For example, the Earth is a ball of matter hanging out here in space and we walk, stand and move all over it without falling off!  THAT is miraculous!  Sure, it is explained as gravity, but gravity itself is a miracle!  Our skin and cells are constantly replenishing.  Our hearts beat, our blood flows and lungs take in life-sustaining oxygen without our having to consciously make it happen.  Our eyes – these little orbs that sit in our heads – reflect back the world to us.  I can go on and on, of course.  And I as I sit out here in the middle of raw nature, I am even more mindful of the miraculousness of life.  The message of today’s blog is to become more expectant and mindful of miracles occurring in your life all the time.  The more you notice them, it seems the faster and more abundantly they happen.

So here is my own recent miracle story which I want to share.  I was walking back to my retreat cottage after having stood outdoors talking with a member of the staff of this center.  Our conversation ended up revolving around some opportunities where I may serve their mission using nature as a spiritual teaching for those who would like to attend events on the subject. On my walk back I was very uplifted and joyful.  It feels as if so many opportunities to fulfill my Life’s purpose are appearing right now.  Then my little “chatter mind” began to do its thing.  “How can I get to it all?”  “What do I choose to focus on first?”  “This and that needs to change to fully move into everything.”  You know what I mean.  It’s that kill-joy voice that tries to keep us from getting “too” excited or joyful.  So I caught it before it went further.  I decided to begin reciting my FAVORITE saying that reminds me of what I want my life to be:  “I am a feather on the breath of God.  I am a feather on the breath of God.”  I began the walk up the hill to where I am staying saying this out loud when…………… a little white dainty feather flew down from a pine tree, floated in front of me and began to slowly circle in front of my face! I stopped in awe!  It so gracefully moved in this circle a couple of times and then moved forward in the direction I had been walking.  I knew it was no accident.  It was a miracle from God and it was telling me “YES”……you keep saying it.”  It was telling me that my life IS – indeed – taking me where I am to go and I can just float upon it.  So I decided to follow this feather wherever it went and see where it took me.  At the moment I decided this, it softly landed on the ground in front of me.  The fringes, around its edges rippled in the breeze but it did not rise up to float again.  I waited and then I knew – without any doubt – the message was to know that the breath of God had brought me here.  I was here, on this land, in this wilderness and I was to not think ahead or behind or elsewhere.  I am meant to really “be” here – for now.  Later the breath of Spirit/God will lift me up and take me elsewhere.  But for now, I am to be here.

This was a miracle.  I know it.  There is no accident or coincidence about it.  Life is so exciting when we know that miracles are just the will of Spirit/God  coming through events which catch our attention and provide direction, inspiration, comfort, faith.

Until I write again…………go forward lightly so that the breath of Spirit can lift you up and onward.  And look for miracles.  They are there and they are meant just for you.


About Kathryn Bourquin

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3 Responses to Living Afloat

  1. Great article Kathy! Thank you for sharing!

  2. michele says:

    I love it! So many things are showing up at this moment to “remind” us all that we are being held and guided every minute of the day and night! this!!!!
    Love you………Michele

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