The Plan Of A Lifetime

lifeplanpic2  We make all kinds of plans for our life.  We set our goals.  We set a plan of action toward that goal.  We make lists of the tasks that need to be completed in order to reach the plan for our life.  There is nothing wrong with having goals.  There is nothing wrong with organizing ourselves to accomplish our desired outcome.

Oh………….it would be a very long list if I were to compile all the “plans” I made for my life.  Just as long would be the list of how many of those plans did not come to fruition.  I am talking about the big overall plan for our life.  The plan that includes what I am I here to do?  Where am I meant to do it?  What is my purpose?  The things along the way like our education, profession, relationship choices, places of residence or organizations to join all can lead to the realization of the big questions about the meaning of our life.

Whether we actually voice it or not, every one of us has a deep longing to understand our purpose here – not only what we are here to do, but also what we are here to give, receive and understand.  We want to know WHY we exist.  We all have the feeling that we have something of true worth to contribute and gain.  I learned something very valuable years ago when I was working in a nursing home.  When people come to the final days of their life on Earth, they do not look back and regret things they did.  They look back and regret the things they did not do.  And they reflect and ask, “Did I do what I was here to do?”

Life itself  KNOWS why you are here.  The Spirit within us – a little piece of God – KNOWS.  With all the distractions of life and all the messages that it is WE who have to decide our purpose, we forget that we don’t have to make our purpose.  It is already set.  Our culture guides us to “go for it” by making all our own plans and then “keeping our nose to the grindstone” or “taking the bull by the horns” (which aren’t real bright things to do if you think about it).  The best things, the wisest things I have ever chosen are things that my own mind would have never come up with in MY plan.  They are turns in the road that led me to my highest good out of some event or realization that came in from an unexpected place.

To live the purpose for which I was designed to fulfill (that longing to be all that I am created to live), I need to not ask myself what it is, but ask Spirit/God.  I ask everyday for it to be revealed to me in all and any ways that will be obviously noticeable.  There is the BIG request that my overall life purpose be revealed.  But the steps to that accomplishment comes in my asking for each day, each event in that day to be used for the purpose for which God created me.

The message of this writing today is to encourage you to first ASK for guidance.  Do so by stating your desire to be all that you are created to be.  Then state that you know there IS a plan – overall -and in every moment of the day.  And then say you are ready to be shown and that you are willing to follow Life/Spirit/God’s lead.  No signs you have missed up until this moment have blocked your opportunity to still fulfill your greatest purpose.  It’s not too late – ever.  There is no question or willingness that God is more delighted with than our request for guidance and our desire to follow.  And there is no greater joy one can ever experience than when living in the fulfillment of the plan for which they are created.

There IS a plan for your existence.  You are not made to KNOW it automatically.  You ARE made to sense there is a plan/purpose.  You are meant to ASK and FOLLOW because the plan is grander and greater than our human mind can even conceive in forethought.  And we do not know it automatically because our greatest learning comes in the steps along the path to our understanding.  So take it moment by moment knowing the way is being revealed.  Ask for guidance.  Affirm your willingness to be all you are created to be.  And then……………follow the leads.  There is a a wonderful plan for your lifetime.  Go to the One who knows it.

THE PRAYER:  Dear God:  I long to fullfill all the reasons I am here on Earth.  I trust you to reveal it to me – in every person I meet, in every task I perform, in every activity of this day.  My goal is the inner peace that comes from doing and being who you designed me to be.  You are my teacher and my guide.   I look forward to the revealing day You have for me.  I look forward to Your plan for my lifetime.  I’m paying attention.  If my mind wanders, I give you permission to get my attention.  Thank you.  AMEN.


About Kathryn Bourquin

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