Notice The World – Strengthen Your Faith

miracleinaflowerpic  We are constantly motivated toward things we desire even though can not yet see them.  We move through life all the time propelled by a desire to arrive at a certain destination or to attain something which we can not see at this moment.  We believe it’s there if we just move on and strive diligently.  For example, at the present moment we can not see ourselves sitting at the desk of that corporate office, but we keep on with the education or our current job because we believe doing so will get to that not yet seen place.  We do not see yet the body of a fit and trim self, but we workout or diet because we believe at the end of our efforts it will appear.  We do not see ourselves yet fluently speaking some foreign language, but we study and practice because we believe it will be there if we keep going.  We do not yet see that partner/wife/husband who will be a great match for us and, yet, we look for them because we believe they exist out there somewhere.  We do not yet see that book with our name on it as its author, and yet we write because we believe that if we keep going it will someday be visible.  I need not go on with more examples (although I could), but you get the point.

Believing in something that one can not yet see is Faith.  There is really no such thing as a faithless person.  We either have faith that something IS or we have faith that it IS NOT.  There are varying degress of our conviction to Faith, but there is no faithlessness.  I often hear it said that having Faith in things (like the examples I gave above) is easier because one has seen it evidenced in other’s lives or previously in their own.  I also often hear that Faith in a power (which I call God) greater than themselves which oversees and creates goodness on our behalf is very difficult because there is no way to prove it.

We, however, steer our lives constantly toward things for which there is no actual”proof”.  Because one sees another in a great relationship, it is not “proof” that one is coming for them too.  Because one sees someone else at a great job in a wonderful office is not “proof” that we will get there also.  But we have a belief that the opportunity exists for us out of our inspiration in seeing it active somewhere else.  Can we really say there is no inspiration toward having Faith in whatever name you would use for God?

Well, let’s see……………… the seasons change at exactly the right time year after year, the planets all rotate at the perfect pace and space around the sun and moon,  embryos become living breathing human beings that walk, talk, see, breathe and become adults.  The little acorn somehow turns into a mighty oak tree.  Our lungs breathe and our hearts beat without our doing a thing to make it happen.  Gravity keeps us from flying off the Earth into outer space.  Animals know just when it’s time to build nests, store food, conceive their young.  Our skin and cells are constantly in the process of restoring themselves.  There are SO many examples of the Universe’s wonder that I could go on for pages.  The point is, we all have Faith in these processes – so much Faith we don’t even think about them.  We just trust them to occur.  ALL of these and millions of other Universal processes are examples of a power greater than ourselves at work. And all of Its work is going on precisely so that life can exist and thrive – including OUR indivdiual life.

When we really notice and examine the amazing process of nature and our human bodies, we are easily awed.  We take so much of it for granted that we miss its lesson to us.  Nothing moves without some form of energy behind it making it do so.  We can’t see it, perhaps, but the energy is there.  When we see the energy we can ask, “What is the Source of that energy?”  We may say, “Well it is the wind or the sun or the lunar pull or oxygen.” But what is the Source/Power BEHIND that energy?  Can you see it? No. But do we have Faith that it is there?  Yes, we do.  We do not doubt that the sunny days will warm us and the Earth.  We do not doubt we will take our next breath because we have faith there is oxygen.  We do not doubt that the tides will ebb and rise.  But we do proclaim to sometimes not have proof worthy of Faith in a power greater than ourselves.

I live in a town on the Pacific Ocean.  People stand at the edge of the shore and marvel at the immensity of the ocean.  They watch the rhythmic in and out of the waves and marvel at their power.  Some years ago it dawned on me that what is more awesome then the wave is the power BEHIND the wave.  I have become known for using that statement often:  “Be less awed by the wave itself than the power behind that wave.”

The power that moves behind the beat of your heart.  The power that is behind the seed’s transformation into a tree or plant.  The power propelling the opening of a bloom into a beautiful flower.  The Power which is behind the howling wind.  That Power is the energy of God/Spirit/Life.  When we decide to notice It, we become more inclined to professing and trusting that there is, indeed, a great power that creates and sustains our life.  When we are awake to It, we strengthen our Faith in what we can not see.  We move toward It, trusting It simply by being aware and acknowledging Its presence.   The more intimately and definitely we identify with this Power behind all life, the more assured and peaceful life becomes for us.  Our Faith in It is the only assurance of inner peace.  Focus on the power behind the wave.  It sustains you.  It moves you forward on just the right path at just the right time.  It restores you when you are depleted.  It is the Power in which you live, breathe and have your being.  It is the Source of inner peace.


About Kathryn Bourquin

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