Humble Brilliance

heartshinepic   We are ALL perfect creations of a perfect Creator.  We are NEVER outside the power, protection and presence of our Creator.  There is NO power in the Universe more powerful than that Creator and It does NOT make mistakes.  Therefore, our true Self,  can not be flawed.  There is a message in a literary work entitled the Course In Miracles that states: “I am as God created me.”  It is the only message repeated there more than once.

Can we make mistakes?  Of course we can….. and we do.  Can we think and act in ways less than our perfect Self?  Certainly, we can…. and we do.  But nothing we ever think or do changes the essential essence of who we are and what we are capable of being.  At the moment we divert in thought, word or deed from our perfection, an opportunity to correct it or forgive it is made available to us.  We will not recognize that opportunity, however, if we are intent upon seeing ourselves as essentially less than enough.

Our perfection and our capacity for personal happiness and for being a positive impact on the world is never diminished and never out of reach, no matter our circumstances.  Our capacity for goodness is nothing mediocre.  Each of us is created with magnificent purpose and capability for profound and dazzling brilliance.   To think otherwise is to think in error.

So much of our culture has taught us that humility is of supreme importance. The problem with the traditional teaching of humility is that it means we must not think highly of ourselves.  But spiritually speaking, it is by far more arrogant to think we are less than brilliant than it is to know we are brilliant.  It is arrogant because it says that God made a mistake.  It is to say that our abilities, our actions, our decisions are more powerful than God in us.   It is arrogant when we think that something we have done or not done is more powerful than God’s capability to correct it.

The Universe is created to support us in every way.  The problem is that we do not believe this.  The problem is we do not love ourselves as God loves us and, thus, we block the miracles we are entitled to and the miracles that are to come through us to bless the world.  We are more frightened of the idea that we are brilliant than we are of the idea that we are not.  We are frightened of being brilliant because we have adopted as true the belief of a limited, incapable, error-ridden self.  With this as our self-view, being brilliant is terrorizing because we do not believe we could ever live up to it.

The world would have us believe that accepting ourselves as immensely capable and worthy of miraculous and wonderful things is grandiose and unattractive.  There is a big difference between self-confidence or self-acceptance and conceit.  You see, when we accept the perfection and capacity for brilliance within us (because we know we are a creation of a perfect Creator), we realize that it is also true about everyone. Therefore,  the recognition of our own capacity for brilliance does not set us above anyone else.  We do not see ourselves as better than others.  Our brillance does not have anything to do with a comparison to someone else.  We humbly accept our assignment to be the Light that we are created to be and allow others the same.  No one will ever be served by our diminishment.  We will never be happy, content or at peace by a type of humility that is self-degrading or self-limiting.

The great example and teacher of Truth – Jesus – told us “You are the Light of the world!”  He also said in reference to the miracles he performed, “These things you can do also.  In fact, greater things than these shall you do.”  Begin now to be willing to rid yourself of all ideas of your being less than a perfect creation of a perfect Creator.  Overcome your fear of brilliance by going to God for help in seeing the Truth of who you are.  It matters not your age, your race, your socio-economic status, your physical abilities, your past mistakes.  Right now, wherever you are……….. you are a brilliant beacon of Light and Love.  Claim it!

The PrayerDear Spirit/Creator/God,  Within my mind lies some fear of claiming the total maginitude of my capacity to be a brilliant being.  And yet, if I am created by You, how could I be less than magnificent?  I ask You to help me accept my capacity for great goodness.  I humbly allow Your intention for my  fabulous life to unfold now.  Clear my mind of all false ideas of limitation.  In service to Your will for my existence, I say “yes” to being brilliant.  Thank you very much.  And so it is……  AMEN.


About Kathryn Bourquin

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