The Storm Before The Calm

SamuelGreenberg2    When one beckons upon a new and more spiritually aware walk through life, the emotions are initially ones of eager anticipation – even euphoria.  It’s appropriate to feel these things because only good awaits us when we get serious about living from an enlightened perspective.  We usually begin to pray or meditate more, read more about Truth principles, devote ourselves to spiritual practices and spend time in conversation with people who are like-minded.  All this lifts our Spirit and increases our sense of inner peace.

When I work with people who are embarking on a path of new awareness and dedication to being all they’re created to be, I watch their excitement and their belief that life is now going to bloom like a beautiful garden.  They are right.  It is going to bloom.  Part of the process is that the weeds and dying plants need to be addressed along the way.  Inevitably, the realization of all that was planted or allowed to grow while we were not conscious, shows itself. 

This is where fear can easily set in.  A feeling of being overwhelmed can easily set in, as well.  It is important to not give up at this point.  When we ask to be healed and to see the truth,  all that was created in up until now in opposition to that request, must come out from its hidden places.  In fact, the messiness that can occur is an affirmation that we are on the right track. 

One way of describing the enlightened life is to say that it is a life lived authentically.  When we decide to live as our spirit is created to live, we are deciding to become authentic.  Before that decision is made, we tend to live as we believe others want or require us to be.  The enlightened being is a person never speaking or acting out of anything but authenticity.  To accomplish this, all that is not authentic must fall away.  So we start to become aware of who we really are.  We begin to speak what we really feel.  We begin to turn away with that which does not reflect our true self.  This can rock a few boats and upturn a few boulders.  As we do, things begin to toss and turn and some things come crashing down.  It isn’t that things are going wrong.  It’s that things are falling into their right place.  We may fear that moving forward will be rather miserable, but in truth we are more miserable at the prospect of not moving at all. 

Allow it to happen.  Allow yourself to notice your inner reactions to all of it.  Ask for Spirit/God to help you move through without fear or resistance.  Acknowledge to yourself that all of it is a sign that the peace and new awareness you desire is rising up from within you.  No baby is born without the mother going through labor pains.  No butterfly is ever visible without an enormous invisible struggle in the cocoon.  No climber ever reaches the summit of a mountain without that last 400 ft. of the most steep and rugged terrain to traverse.  

When you’ve decided to take the trek toward your true self, all the joys AND the challenges are signs that you are on your way! 



About Kathryn Bourquin

Life Coach specializing Meditation Practices and living from a place of Inner Peace. Speaker, Teacher and Writer. Specialties: Healing, Success, Breaking Old Habits, Realizing the Power You Possess, Letting Go of Long-held emotional pain. For an individual appointment in person or via phone or Skype: Go to
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