heavenlypic    It’s not all that uncommon to hear people say they are not interested in “spiritual stuff”.  I hear many say things like: “I’m not really spiritual at all” or “Spirituality doesn’t interest me” or “That spiritual stuff bores me” and other similar types of statements.  I don’t argue with anyone who has this perspective.  I don’t argue because they have just told me that they are not open to the subject.  However, what they say is really not sensical.  Why?  Because we ARE Spirits.  We can’t help but be really spiritual – whether we recognize it or not.  What inhabits this body we’re in is our Spirit.  What moves out of this body when we pass on is our Spirit.  We ARE spirit.  Our spirit is everything about who we are.  So if one believes they are not “really spiritual”, it actually means that they are not recognizing it.  But not recognizing it does not make it less true.  Every perceived problem in our lives comes from our forgetting or denying this Truth.   The only problem we ever really have is that we have forgotten who we are.

Spirituality is our essence.  It isn’t about religion.  Religion is only truly beneficial if what it facilitates is our remembering that we are a God created Spirit.  Often (and unfortunately) religion teaches us that we are sinful worthless creatures who need to profess a God outside of us in order to be worthy.  But this only creates a great divide from the Truth.  It divides us personally as something separate from God.  And it divides us as people and nations because we then judge those who don’t profess the belief we hold as “wrong” and “unholy.”  Truth is, everyone is holy.  No one is essentially wrong.  God/Spirit creates nothing wrong or unholy.  The actions of others which may be unhealthy, cruel or even criminal come from their forgetting who they truly are.  But no action has any effect on the essential Truth that they are a Spirit created by the Great Spirit/God from Whom they can truly never be separate. 

Who we are can not be destroyed.  Spirits are never damaged by our health, our circumstances or our actions.  The way we act, the way we think of/see our circumstances, the beliefs we hold about ourselves and life can put up a big barrier to our awareness of our Spirit, but nothing damages or diminishes It.

This is a radical shift from the common held thinking of our culture.  We are invited and encouraged to believe we are how we look, what we eat, how we dress, where we live, the career we have, the recognition we receive, the amount of money in our bank account.  The world will come to a place of peace and begin to flourish again ONLY when a significant enough number of people are willing and ready to make this radical shift.  We have all heard it said: “The Truth  will set you free.”  The greatest Truth is that we are Spiritual.  And Spirit is always peaceful, always loving, has a direct line to all the answers and the power/intelligence to transcend any worldly problem.  Even death of the body is a transcendence by Spirit. 

One may acknowledge this as true, but every one of us – myself included – still have a way to go before we accept for ourselves in every situation and at all times this perspective and actually apply it to all situations.  It’s a way of thinking that brings comfort when we hear it, but it takes a dedicated decision to change any habit.  And our ways of identifying with false ideas of who we are and that things we do or things of the world define us IS an habitual way of perceiving life. 

“So”, one may ask, “how on earth do I accomplish this radical shift when I’ve been doing it so long and so many around me are not making the shift?”  The answer is simple.  For many of us it is not easy, however.  And it is not easy, in part, precisely because it is so simple.  We are addicted to making things difficult and complicated.  We are addicted to thinking we (the human “we”) must be the one who controls and manages and changes things.  The simplicity is this:  1. We decide to recognize when we are forgetting who we truly are.  (We will know it by the fact that we are not at peace.)  2We ask our Spirit – connected to God/Spirit – to remind us. 3. We say “Thank You”. 4. And now we don’t DO anything.  We ALLOW the shift to take place. 

Yes………… are spiritual.  Yes……… you are “into spiritual stuff”.  Everyone is – whether aware of it or not.  You are “into” it deeply.  You are, in truth, nothing else BUT Spirit.  Live from It.  Pray from It.  Act from It.   And recognize It in others.   I believe that some day more people will be heard saying “I’m not into worldly stuff” or ” That worldly stuff bores me.”  What a wonderfully spiritual world it will be when that day arrives!

THE PRAYER:  “Dear God/Spirit:  I can feel and see that I am not at peace within.  Obviously I am forgetting who I really am and believing that my human circumstances define me.  I want to always remember the Truth.  Remind me today and tomorrow and the next – until I remember it for all days and in all circumstances.  Thank you very much.  AMEN.


About Kathryn Bourquin

Life Coach specializing Meditation Practices and living from a place of Inner Peace. Speaker, Teacher and Writer. Specialties: Healing, Success, Breaking Old Habits, Realizing the Power You Possess, Letting Go of Long-held emotional pain. For an individual appointment in person or via phone or Skype: Go to
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