The View From Above

flyingabovepicWe all have hopes, dreams and wishes for things in our lives.  We really WANT our work, our love & friend relationships, our homes to be good and right for us.  We want a current job to be the “perfect fit”.  We want the current relationship to be “the one”.  We want the town, city or house we live in to be a place where we can be “happy forever”.    We all long to be settled into safe places that offer us endless possibilities for happiness, safety, peace and opportunity.

We also really want things to be true about ourselves.  We want to think of ourselves as wise decision makers.  We want to think of ourselves as honest, enlightened, easy to get along with, good communicators, of high integrity, fearless, creative, motivated, etc.

Out of our desire for all these wonderful things, we can create them. But we can also fail to look at things with clarity and honesty because we want them so much.  We get in the middle of our situations and relationships and we WANT them to be our “dream fulfilled” so we do not look at them objectively and honestly.  We WANT so much to be everything we aspire to be, that we don’t accurately see ourselves.  We have a tendency to not look at ourselves or our situations in career, home and relationship as they truly are but more as we wish them to be.  As a result, we do not grow into the fullness of what we truly wish.

We can meet an individual with whom we have great chemistry.  We want them so much we just ignore some of their characteristics which are challenging.  Then we wake up one day and say…….”Whoa – how did I not see this?”  We can often begin to blame them for not being all they portrayed themselves to be and, yet, they did – we just didn’t want to see it.  We didn’t want to see it because we were afraid it would mean our dream-relationship may cease to exist.  If we had been willing to occasionally take a step back from the thrilling elements and look at the entire picture, we would have had the chance to communicate with them about the more challenging things.  Then we would have provided ourselves and them the opportunity to bridge the gap or grow into a more compatible agreement.   Instead, we keep ignoring what has a negative effect on us.  We build up resentment and defenses and it becomes a relationship much more difficult to maintain as healthy.

We decide to make a move into a new house or city because we initially find many things so right about it.  As things not as desirable begin to show up, we ignore it because we fear that seeing it will ruin the dream.  We move out of a job into a new one because we believe it offers much more opportunity.  We want it to be that for us so much that we ignore certain things in the interview process, or gloss over a bit of an issue with the person hiring us.  Later, the truth we resisted seeing comes into undeniable view.

We want to see ourselves as possessing certain admirable qualities so much that we have a tendency to not acknowledge the times and ways we don’t live up to them in every moment.  Thus, we can not grow fully into our highest capability.

A very wise practice that reaps tremendously worthwhile results is one I call: “Taking The Bird’s Eye View.”  Regularly I sit back and decide to see the events, people and circumstances of my life as an objective observer from somewhere high above.  From there, I can see myself and all the players in my life with much more clarity.  I leave my wishes and desires, my wants and dreams and look at things the way they ARE – NOT as I WISH them to be.  From this place there is no criticism of myself or another allowed.  From this place there are no obstacles to seeing the entire picture.  I always ask Spirit/God to take me up and give me a clear view.

It’s amazing how differently things appear.  I am detached from them so I can see without angst or judgement.  From here I do not analyze or critique, I just notice.  I notice people, situations and my own behaviors.   I notice my feelings in response to what I see.  I notice where I am fearful or peaceful.  I do not try to figure it all out.  I simply observe.  It is ironic how this view from above  actually begins to immediately ground me, give me more balance and results in more wisdom and inner peace.

Life/God/Spirit’s wish is always for our highest good to unfold.  It does not, however, force itself upon us.  The spiritually sound way to live life is to allow God/Spirit to lead.  But It will not take what we do not see and then give to It.  Love does not force its way on anything and it does not take anything from us – ever!  We must see it to release it.

The Prayer:  “Dear God/Spirit:  You know I wish for all good things in my life.  I wish to receive and to give all the good available to me.  I know this is Your wish for me, as well.  I know that You know better than I about how to acquire my good and You know where I block it.  I step back and am willing to see the truth about myself and my life’s circumstances.  I am willing to see where I have hidden from the truth.  Here it is.  I give this to You. Thank You for working in and though all things.  Open my eyes that I may see the vision of Truth You have for me.  Raise me up so I may see this as You see it.  AMEN.


About Kathryn Bourquin

Life Coach specializing Meditation Practices and living from a place of Inner Peace. Speaker, Teacher and Writer. Specialties: Healing, Success, Breaking Old Habits, Realizing the Power You Possess, Letting Go of Long-held emotional pain. For an individual appointment in person or via phone or Skype: Go to
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