No Such Thing As Neutral

The first time I heard a spiritual teacher say there are no neutral thoughts or actions –  we are always coming from either a place of love or fear – my entire life began to shift.  “Never??”, I thought.  “I am always coming from one of those two places?”  On the one hand, I realized this knowledge rather simplified my Life.  Instead of wandering through a myriad of possibilities as to why I am feeling or acting a particular way, I now knew there was only one of two answers.  I either was afraid of something or I was loving something.  When I came to realize that coming from a place of fear never brought anything good ( usually only bringing more of what I feared) and that coming from a place of love can only bring things of more love……..well, no question what is the wiser way!

So here it is in summary:  We are always either coming from Love or fear.  There is no neutral.  Love always brings good.  Fear brings negative results.  And we have the power to choose.

Love and fear are both categories of mental and emotional reactions.  You know them by how they feel.  Love is more than gushy feelings for someone.  It includes enthusiasm, patience, understanding, generosity, creativity, peace, empathy and all those things which feel good.  

Fear is more than the feeling of being scared.  It is dread, pessimism, resentment, revenge, guilt, blame, jealousy, criticism and all things which disturb your peace.  

To maintain our inner peace and be able (in our human state) to come into alignment with our true self (our Spirit-self)  is a process of deciding to be conscious of whether we are thinking, feeling and acting from Love or fear.  That’s all it is – to simply realize and admit it.  When it’s fear – we ask God/Spirit to rise up from within us and help us change our perspective to a loving one.  When it’s Love, we ask God/Spirit within to keep leading us deeper into our loving perspective.  And then (last but not least) we say “thank you.”  Now we step back, take no more immediate action and wait to be transformed, guided, inspired.

The prayer for inner peace:  “Dear God,  I choose to think, act and be the Love You created as me.  In every situation and circumstance of my life, I ask You to help me choose Love.  I surrender it all.  It is yours now.  Thank You very much.  Amen.”


About Kathryn Bourquin

Life Coach specializing Meditation Practices and living from a place of Inner Peace. Speaker, Teacher and Writer. Specialties: Healing, Success, Breaking Old Habits, Realizing the Power You Possess, Letting Go of Long-held emotional pain. For an individual appointment in person or via phone or Skype: Go to
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1 Response to No Such Thing As Neutral

  1. Tina Corpis says:

    I knew someone very special who told me the same thing. It’s so true! Just saying the prayer makes you feel better 🙂 Thank you

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