Peace……Be Still

SamuelGreenberg4The value of a daily practice dedicated to stilling one’s mind is absolutely priceless and most essential to inner peace. And yet, in our culture’s priorities it is given little mention as a key to successful living. The events of the world around us are undependable. We can not control other’s behavior or decisions. We can not control the normal happingings of human life. Illness, accidents, financial instability, violent acts, betrayal, misunderstandings – even death are normal but uncontrollable. But the level of disturbance that occurs WITHIN us as a result IS controllable. It is possible to be sad and still at peace. It is possible to disagree and still maintain inner peace. It is possible to experience a loss and, yet, not have your sense of peacefulness disturbed.

When we attach our essential value and identity to the happenings and circumstances of the outside world, we are very negatively affected by every fluxuation in outer events. The more we identify with the TRUTH: that we are born with the innate ability to transcend outer conditions, the more peacefully we live. When we can stand in the middle of a storm and remain peaceful, we not only survive the storm, but thrive as a result.

Attachment to outer events constantly disrupts our peace. Living IN the events but detached FROM them personally, is a major key to living with inner peace. This does not mean we become callus or apathetic. Being detached means that the outer events of life do not DEFINE us. Basically it means that we are unaffected on the inner by what is happening on the outer.

Paramount to attaining this goal is a very simple daily practice and ritual. When we dedicate ourselves to doing this the results are incredible. To become more closely indentified with the TRUE YOU – the unshakable YOU – time spent in silence for the intent of quieting the mind is the primary practice. Some react to the mention of meditation as if it is a very weird and far out thing. Meditation is simply the quieting of the chattering mind. It is a detachment from outside circumstances and a connection to your Inner Peace. Often inner peace is something we believe we must create. But, in Truth, the Spirit-You is an eternal peaceful consciousness that is alive and well within you already. We have allowed it to be drown it by the chatter of the world and our own mind’s chatter.  As a result,  it seems elusive or non-existence. So meditation is “visiting” that already existant peaceful place within.

When a person dedicates just 10 minutes everyday to sitting in a quiet place. When one intentionally decides to still their mind and body – I GUARANTEE – change in one’s perceptions and an increased inner peace will result. People often say they don’t know how to meditate or they can’t shut off their mind. That is why it is called a “PRACTICE”. Begin the practice right now – today. Find some instrumental very relaxing music to play in the background. Begin simply by taking some deep breaths and during them consciously relax every muscle in your body. Then begin to consciously focus on the area around your heart. When you catch your mind wandering, that’s ok, just take your focus back to your heart area. Even as you first begin and feel you are not yet proficient at it, you will begin to realize that you go more peacefully through your day. It will feel awkward at first to be content to simply be still and not think. That’s ok! Most things we do are awkward when we first start.

Doing this will help you to detach from the frenzy, chaos or stress of others and outer circumstances. It will simply begin to happen naturally if you are dedicated to this quiet time each day. While you’re doing it, don’t wonder if you’re doing it right or if it is working (that would be just your mind chattering). Trust me, it will work. Set the goal of giving it at least one month – at least 10 minutes before you begin the tasks of the day. You’ll get better and better at it. For now, the goal is to identify with the real YOU and detach from identification with what is going on outside. The goal is to get to know the REAL YOU. For in Truth, you are a being of unshakable inner peace.


About Kathryn Bourquin

Life Coach specializing Meditation Practices and living from a place of Inner Peace. Speaker, Teacher and Writer. Specialties: Healing, Success, Breaking Old Habits, Realizing the Power You Possess, Letting Go of Long-held emotional pain. For an individual appointment in person or via phone or Skype: Go to
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2 Responses to Peace……Be Still

  1. LaVelle Cooley says:

    Just what I needed to read. Miracles happen everyday and I haven’t been aware of them.

  2. Tina Corpis says:

    This is so true, and it does make us more aware. I believe even if you dont feel you are doing it right, just the 10 mins to try makes a world of a difference. Thank You Kathy, you always hit the right targets, 🙂

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