The Perfect You

Life works best when I let IT carry me to my destination .

Life works best when I let IT carry me to my destination .

The purpose of our lives is to grow into the knowledge of our own perfection.  By any name you call It, there is a power greater than ourselves who created each of us.  We are not here by accident.  This power – which I most commonly call God or Spirit – is the same power that is the energy and Creator behind the enitre magnificent Universe.

One can often take for granted the miraculous events that move and function our Universe.  But with just a few moments of conscious contemplation of any part of it, one can marvel endlessly at how the seasons change, the planets all rotate prefectly around the sun, a seed becomes a tree, oxygen is always supplied or a caterpillar becomes a butterfly.  If you take just a moment to contemplate that your heart beats and your cells reproduce, your hair grows, your skin renews itself and your lungs breathe – all without your consciously doing a thing – you can be appropriately awed.  There is undoubtedly an energy of life that not only creates all Life, but protects and renews existing Life.

That same power created each of us and that power (God/Spirit) is always and only benevolent.  Contrary to many religious teachings, I have no belief that It is judgemental.  In fact, I believe that judgement is not an attribute of God at all.  I have no belief that God is punishing.  I believe that every mistake or misthought we have is seen by God only as a cry for love and God’s desire is only to heal us.

God sees us as Its perfectly created child.  There is nothing we think, do or wish for that changes our essential soul.  Therefore, God/Spirit is always providing us with all we need in order to heal and accomplish the overall purpose of our life – to realize our own perfection.  There is really only one problem we have in Life and that is our forgettfulness of the existence of a power greater than ourselves and, thus, our belief that we are separate from It.

What if we truly believed that there is a Power that loves us, always supports us, always is present with us and has the answer and solution for everything in our life?  Couldn’t we then afford to relax?  Wouldn’t we then be at peace no matter what was going on around us?  Well, that is what this blog will be about.  Inner peace is possible – even in chaotic earthly situations.  I hope to lead you, coach you, help you to let go of the blocks you hold to believing this and take to your true natural state of remembering who you  are and Who sustains you ………. that you may live with an abiding inner peace.

Stay tuned and follow along!


About Kathryn Bourquin

Life Coach specializing Meditation Practices and living from a place of Inner Peace. Speaker, Teacher and Writer. Specialties: Healing, Success, Breaking Old Habits, Realizing the Power You Possess, Letting Go of Long-held emotional pain. For an individual appointment in person or via phone or Skype: Go to
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3 Responses to The Perfect You

  1. carol says:


  2. Patricia Weimer says:

    Kathy: I was thinking of you just today. What a lovely new project you have here. I am so proud. Pat W

  3. Tina Corpis says:

    Very well said, you sure do have a way with words 🙂

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